Wageningen scientists participate in Colombian Banana forum 2017

November 2017 Gert Kema and Fernando Garcia Bastidas gave a presentation at the III Colombian Banana forum 2017. About Sustainable Production: Challenges and Opportunities of the Colombian banana sector. The meeting was organised by the ASBAMA: Asociacion de Bananeros del Magdalena y la Guajira.



Gert and Fernando were invited to the meeting to explain about their research in the region. The research of Wageningen University & Research and local partners aims to support the region to grow bananas sustainably in a challenging context. Gert and Fernando are also part of the panel that is known as: The future of bananas: risks and threats of destructive and lethal diseases.

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Transgenic Cavendish in the news


The big news of the first transgenic Cavendish banana resistant to TR4 has reached the press.
In the Netherlands one of the main national news channels (NOS) made an item for their website. Fernando Garcia Bastidas, one of the banana researchers at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands, explains about the breakthrough in this excellent video made by NOS. Most of the item is in the English language, so we think it is well worth watching.

Some of the other digital media covering the news:

logo the guardian, about transgenic cavendish
The Guardian



logo Science Magazine, about transgenic cavendish, Fusariumwilt.org




Science Magazine



logo Kemivärlden Biotech, about transgenic cavendish, Fusariumwilt.org
Kemivärlden Biotech in Sweden

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