Panama disease research receives an extra boost through the donation from the Dioraphte Foundation

For the coming five years, Stichting Dioraphte is making available over 1.7 million Euros for the banana research of Wageningen UR. Part of this will be used for a research project which will start soon. The larger part of the sum will be used to fund a depth study within the current banana research.


Stichting Dioraphte has previously been involved in the banana research led by Gert Kema, a banana expert at Wageningen UR. At the start of the research for the fungal disease Black Sigatoka in the period 2007-2009, Stichting Dioraphte provided a financial boost for the Wageningen UR research. Stichting Dioraphte is very impressed by the current extent of the programme, and therefore decided to greatly support the banana research over the next five years with a new donation.

Deepening the research into Panama Disease
A large part of the donation will be used to deepen the current research into Panama Disease in bananas. Kema: ‘With this financing, it will be possible to expand the team and establish strategic research lines.’


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